4 Reasons The NGP Won’t Be D.O.A.

Geek Revolt writes "Ngmoco’s Neil Young seems to think that Sony’s latest handheld will be dead on arrival. He thinks that mobile games (iPhone/Android) will be the future; this is a flawed way of thinking. iPhone /Android games are getting better each year, but they’ll never replace traditional handhelds. Furthermore, the NGP won’t pick up where the PSP left off. Here are four reasons the NGP won’t be dead on arrival."

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GamerPops2843d ago

Reason Five: It will be released in Japan.

It will be a success regardless of how well it does in North America.

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HolyOrangeCows2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Neil Young is a CEO of a company that makes crappy games for cell phones (And i mean "CRAPPY", not the occasional gem like Angry Birds). He WANTS ngp to be DOA.

"reason arent that good. sony seems to think raw power answer all. Nintendo atleast did innovate"
They didn't innovate?
INCREDIBLY easy development tools?
Two-sticks on a handheld?
Trackpad on back?
You are one lost soul if you think "Sony didn't innovate with the NGP"

"If I get the new position that I applied for"
Best wishes. Good luck.

Spitfire_Riggz2842d ago

Reason 1 the micro games. I have an Ipod 4 but the games just are not satisfying... I cant play a game for more than 5 minutes. So ironic people like that I hate it when a game doesnt hook me for at least 30 minute.

slavish32843d ago

reason arent that good. sony seems to think raw power answer all. Nintendo atleast did innovate. I do think psp2 will end up selling less do to apple and other mobile's eating the handheld market

DeeZee2843d ago

I think Sony are trying to innovate with the NGP. The back trackpad is an example.

slavish32843d ago

touch screen is not innovation, lol

blackburn52842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Yes that was amazing when the guy actually pushed on the back to lift the landscape up to move the ball.The NGP won't be D.O.A because not all of us are stupid enough to pay money for fake 3D, eyestrain, nausea, over milked series and decades old games when we can get current series, twin joysticks and close to PS3 power with the NGP. @ GamerPops 80 million users is a moderate success? Really.

flyingmunky2842d ago

As far as dedicated handheld gaming systems go I think the ngp has several firsts.
Dual analogs
back touch pad
blue tooth
motion sensing
oled screen

Now granted some cell phones may incorporate this technology, but we are talking about dedicated gaming devices. The only thing the 3ds has that is fresh is...3d.

CaptainPunch2842d ago

Just give us awesome games, and we'll buy the NGP.

OneWorld2842d ago

It's going to sell like crazy in Japan. I really hope Sony release a purple NGP/PSP2.

littlebigmarcpsps32842d ago

of course it wont be DOA
its more awesome
and original PSP didnt fail

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