TGH: MLB 2K11 Demo Impressions

TGH writes: "It’s another year, and come March 8th we’ll have another iteration of 2K Sports MLB series. With the demo now live on PSN/XBLA and the full game releasing next Tuesday, how are things looking?"

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ShadyDevil2758d ago

Man, why don't they ever put a New York Yankee on the cover anymore? Remember when Jeter used to be cover athlete every year?

Either way, the game looks fantastic it will be interesting to see which does better, this or The Show. More than likely,2K11 because its multiplatform.

OGharryjoysticks2758d ago

I know which one does better. I tried both demos and 2K looks like a last gen game in comparison

bestofthebest2757d ago

u think 2k11 will be better ur crazy

lpfisher2757d ago

I don't know... I think 2k's character models and stadiums look better. 2K plays better too. Don't get me wrong, I loved the show. But, they made the same changes this year, and I think 2K might have done it better.