GT5: Seasonal events updated

Gran Turismo 5: Seasonal Events are finally arrived.

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Beefstew4u2839d ago

Not a big fan of the repeatable low-prize seasonal events.

kneon2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Yup, just finished the vintage series with all golds and my money and points barely moved. It's hardly worth my time to run a 15000 point race when it's 800,000+ points between levels. Oh well, I guess tomorrow it's back to finishing some more endurance races.

Three_Sisters2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

somebody disagrees with you that you're not a big fan of what you've said...

people this days....

JonnyBigBoss2839d ago

YES! I'm hopping on now. This game just keeps on giving.

jaseo2839d ago

I really enjoy the seasonal events. They offer a good variety of cars to drive on a range of courses..

Last bonus races were fun as I had never raced on eifel and mt aso before. Also, the WRX nurburgring race was lots of fun.

But yeah, if you are after only XP and credits, they don't offer good bag for buck.