Black Ops the best-selling PS3 game ever

Eurogamer: "First-person shooter phenomenon Call of Duty: Black Ops is the best-selling PlayStation 3 game ever, Activision has claimed. The gargantuan game company cited data from NPD, ChartTrack and GfK as it announced that the First Strike downloadable content had hit the PlayStation Network."

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Wizziokid2816d ago

"Black Ops the best-selling PS3 game ever"

that's very disappointing to hear when there are soo many better games on the market.

Pixelated_Army2815d ago

"Activision failed, however, to reveal specific sales for the PS3 version of the game."

This is all hyperbolic bullshit until they do.

Boon Tarkas2815d ago

Like its even in doubt.

What is it? 'Big word' day in your neighborhood?Sounding off just because you saw the opportunity to use 'hyperbolic' in a sentence?

Pixelated_Army2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Oh my aren't you a feisty one. What is it? I don't know you tell me. haha

So you took the time out of your day just to try and clown my comment? lol No life I see. *snicker*

KillerBBs2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

It means: Black Ops did a great job marketing a crappy game and a terrible job Programming it: People use stats like this to say it's good or not... but it really means they fooled allot of people into buying a crappy game.... myself included.

This game reminds me of a star studded movie that makes millions at the box office but the movie sucks and gets horrible reviews... but you go see anyway.

I dont ever want to hear how much this game makes! like that's an agruement that the game is good!

NateCole2815d ago

If think it true not just for PS3 but all other platforms as well so i don't see the point in this article and x360 fans comments.

People forget that COD is really the GTA of this gen with regards to casual appeal. I have even seen young girls play it.

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Christopher2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

It's only 1m away from being the top 360 game as well. It needs to dethrone MW2, though :p

Also, the previous top selling game on the PS3 was MW2 as well.

Bluemaster772815d ago

360 Had nothing to do with this just saying

Christopher2815d ago

***360 Had nothing to do with this just saying***

So... Black Ops was not also released on the 360 and the topic at hand has nothing to do with the sales trends of Black Ops on game systems?

I didn't bring up 360 to be inflammatory, I brought it up to say that CoD is only fighting itself for superiority on the PS3 and the 360.

360degrees2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Interesting.....judging by the amount of hype and critical acclaim here on N4G I would have naturally thought KZ3 or possibly LBP2 would hold that prestigious crown.... what with all the brave talk of boycotting anything COD, and being fed up with its formula...I suppose in this case your wallets spoke louder than your mouths

nightmarex1212815d ago

Or mgs 4 and GT
also those games haven't even surpass uncharted

2815d ago
KingZFlipper2815d ago


And you're a PS3 fanboy for that matter... Why do I know? because you have one bubble

NukaCola2815d ago


Uncharted has just under 9mil in total sales amongst 2 games.(Dont know individual numbers)

MGS4 is sitting at 5
GT5P is at 5.5
GT5 is about 7mil

I don't really under stand your point. Not knocking you, just a bit confused as to where you are going with that.

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Tinasumsum2815d ago ShowReplies(5)
Gamer_Z2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

I think one of the worst things to happen to gaming was the introduction of casual gamers as they are mainly the source of these sales (sigh). Well the casuals can keep it, we the hardcore will move on to bigger and better games BF3 baby Wooo can’t wait for that bomb to drop ;)

That’s not true I had Black Ops for my Xbox360 and I hated it. It was in no way a successor to COD4 not even MW2 and in my opinion both those games played much better than Boring Ops.

beavis4play2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

if it's the "best-selling" game ever on the ps3 - it should be on the greatest hits by now.......shouldn't it?

starcb262815d ago

Activision won't let that happen.

beavis4play2815d ago

that's exactly what i was getting at!

activision is bunch of CHEAP bast#rds.
i haven't bought the game.......yet. i will get it when i see a copy on amazon for $20. (i only want it for the zombie maps)

Loadedklip2815d ago

Not "many" games actually ... CoD games are the most played FPS games for a good reason. They are fast paced, addicting and fun.

Very few games this gen can offer the amount of content a single CoD game has with it's single player, zombie mode and multiplayer modes.

Stop using your biased hate towards the game to make stupid post.

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NYC_Gamer2816d ago

this will end all that only 360 owners buy shooters bull crap

hoops2815d ago

No it won't....especially on N4G.COM it won't.
People believe what they want to believe especially on this site.
Now saying that...
There are SO many better games out that are superior to Black Ops. KZ3 is one of them. It's a shame that COD sells this well and the game is lacking in so many ways compared to recent FPS games released.

Christopher2815d ago

That should have already ended. All MW, MW2, Black Ops, and World at War games are all in the top 10 for PS3 total sales.

Though, admittedly, 360 does have all shooters but one in their top 10 compared to 6 out of 10 being shooters on the PS3. But, gamers on both consoles tend to really love Call of Duty.

zetsuei12816d ago

That's how fucked up and dumb gamers really are in this generation.

They pay for a game that's exactly the same as their previous no innovation whatsoever lame servers and glitchy hacked to death with a developer that simply don't care. Still they refuse to test and give a chance for other games just because they are used to kill streak and some other trends that became mainstream.

Gamers in general and this FPS "generation" can't be more dumb.

SuperLupe2815d ago

Man...let people do what they want to do. Doesnt make them dumb or whatever. I have friends who buy COD every year because it gives them hours and hours of fun. Whats wrong with that ?

I dont buy COD games, not because I'm smarter but simply because I dont feel the need to. That said it doesnt keep me from having a hell of a blast when playing local multi. Kind of understand why they like it so much.

DantheMan812815d ago

You sound pretty dumb yourself trying to insult millions of call of duty fans.

chilled2m2815d ago

lol. Gosh, everyone is so dumb except you! Thank God your around, otherwise there would be no one to remind us how foolish we all were for buying a game that gave quite a lot of people hours of enjoyment despite its flaws.

All hail zetsuei1!!!

Burning_Finger2815d ago

LMAO!! Activision brainwashing powers are too strong.. :)

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