Front Towards Gamer Radio, Episode 44: Phil Osyfee from Community Voice Podcast, Sarcastic Gamer

Sorry, no hot gaming goddess this week! Shanghai Six awkwardly sits down with Phil Osyfee, the host of the Community Voice Podcast and ex-Front Towards Gamer audio editor, where the two face off in an epic rap battle to settle their differences, once and for all! No, but seriously, Six figures out just what Phil has been up to after leaving the Rebel Camp and grills him about his time with “Capital City” and Lono. Hooboy, fun times!

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AmigoSniped2847d ago

Great interview with phil good to hear from him.

maxcavsm2847d ago

Absolutely agree! Although I would have liked to have heard Phil get all Hip Hop Gamer and "spit some rhymes". :)