Dead Space 2: Severed Review [Game Rant]

Ben Kendrick of Game Rant writes, "The ‘Dead Space 2: Severed DLC’ is available now on PSN and XBLA – but is this an infection you should avoid or will it prepare you for convergence?"

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Oblivion002791d ago

As soon as I get the money im gonna download this DLC. I'm very closing to platinuming this game the only problem is the retarded HARDCORE MODE!!! i mean honestly, I could understand its for hardcore gamers who sit in front of the t.v 24/7, but for others I feel as though they shouldv'e tweaked it down a little at least make the save spots with more numbers instead of 3.

RankFTW2791d ago

I managed to do my hardcore run in just over 6 hours so it's not that bad really.

Croash2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Yeah, about Hardcore, it's not that long at all.
I used my three saves every 1 hour 30 of gameplay, so the last one happened at Chapter 10.
Hadn't I died because of a certain eye sequence after around 1 hour 40 of save-less gaming, I would have finished the game in 6 hours 30.
That's almost half the time it took me to complete the game on Zeolot, and it's not even THAT hard (basically, you're doing a Speed-run in a mode called Hardcore. It might sound weird but that's really what it is).

Well my deaths weren't monsters related, only Time-based/QTE/eye (that last one I simply hated, all my efforts wasted so I must start Hardcore mode from the beginning to make sure I save right at the end of Chapter That's Hardcore's only problem, you have to know where you'll die before knowing where to save.
Now about the DLC, as it is the topic, I believe Severed is worth $7, its short story is nice to follow, the main character is more interesting than Isaac (oddly enough) and actually utters words that should have been Isaac's in the main game, and the ending leaves you shocked.
But as it costs 7€ on the French PSN, which is like $9, I can only say a big huge "Fuck you, Visceral Games" for trying to rip me off with a 1 hour long adventure happening in a multiplayer map and an area from the beginning of Dead Space 2.
This was done before Dead Space 2 went gold for sure, they simply took it away from the game to make players pay more.
Had it been 5€ like it should have, I might have considered buying it, but no, they're messing with their players, the same stuff happened for Dante's Inferno (selling souls? Really?), the same stuff happened for Dead Space 1 (selling armors and weapons, really?), and Dead Space 2's armors packs were released 1 day before the game's European release. Uh. What?!

2791d ago
Rhezin2791d ago

stfu it's a good game I'd gladly pay for Single Player DLC anyday.

ajtaormin2791d ago

Too bad I sent my copy back to GameFly. Oh well.