Are developers dumbing down their games for 3DS?

3DS Tribe: "By and large the games look great, and from what’s been played, they’re certainly challenging. However, given Nintendo’s move in the last few years towards more casual forms of play and making games more accessible to the expanded audience, are we set for more of the same on the 3DS?"

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EYEamNUMBER12847d ago

i wouldn't say dumbing down that would imply they are toning down the games themselves which isn't the case

Stealth20k2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

whats with these stupid articles? THE ds had more hardcore games than I could count
the wii had a ton of hardcore games too

is devil survivor overclock casual? will any advance wars or fire emblems games be? is zelda? is mario? is resident evil?

come on now. I know alot of these article creators are grasping at straws to try and discredit the 3ds and give false reasons why it will fail but..........lets get real

ChickeyCantor2847d ago

His point is that they are making games EASY.
Not by content directly, but accessibility.

Its just a tap away to do a difficult move.
Now lets say you are a good street fighter player, and then you play against a noob. Possibility is that the noob can win, not by skill but by assistance. This could be annoying tot he player who does work by skills.

On the other hand i understand the developers.

GodofSackboy2847d ago

Of course Mario is fucking casual.

What is up with you?

ozstar2846d ago

You wasted your only speech bubble

AGamerOfConsoles2847d ago

From what I played of it at the event, I would disagree. Mercenaries was just as difficult as it is on PS3/360. And it wasn't just RE, a lot of games I played were challenging.

They are just more accessible.

disgaeapuchi2847d ago

Disagree with what though? If you read the article it only mentions 3 cases where developers have made games more accessible to players - Dead or Alive Dimensions, Ridge Racer 3D and Super Street Fighter IV, with Super Monkey Ball 3D being the one that looks the worst changed (the actual level designs seem very dumbed down from the older games in the series).

The second half mentions there are plenty of challenging games on 3DS - it's not referring to all games, just some in other words.

I do agree with you though in terms of the games lineup - there's a lot that's challenging. In the case of Monkey Ball that's now a series that isn't just for core gamers by the looks of things and the new art style, and fighters aren't the most accessible genre (as you've mentioned), but it's only a small few traditional games that have been dumbed down a bit.

AGamerOfConsoles2846d ago

I know what they mean about Monkey ball. I managed to get some hands on time with that. I misunderstood parts of the article. Sorry about that.

Games like Ocarina were exactly what I expected. I really wanted more time with it. I didn't get a chance to play Kid Icarus and really wanted to. But DOA and Street Fighter were great.

Nintendo has a nice balance for casuals and their hardcore fans. Overall I think it definitely lives up to the promises Nintendo made. I'm just sad they didn't have Metal Gear Solid there :(

lizard812882846d ago

to be honest, games these days are easy. people think donkey kong country returns is hard, which it isn't. its easy. hell, i died more in dkc2 than dkcr. so games are easy these days. touch control/combos, i think is a great idea. i tried for so long to pull off akuma's ultra but never did. as for doa, you can just as well mash buttons.

i don't mind these features, "hardcore" gamers, can ignore touch help commands.