GDC 2011: Dead Space 2's Milham: 'Double Down On Successes'

One of the biggest problems with the visual design of the original Dead Space was that everything felt too visually similar, said, Ian Milham, art director at EA Redwood Shores. “We were trying to invent this new world, and invent this new look,” he said, a lot of which came from gothic architecture. “You look at them and you really know how they’re held up.”

“But some of those decisions we made had some unexpected consequences,” said Milham. They did their job too well, and it wound up too cohesive, to the point of looking samey. By the same token, the player Character had five suits, and even though they were all built from scratch, it just looked like they added some extra bits to each new one.

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gamingisnotacrime2847d ago

it was a huge surprise for me that this game turned out to be among the elite games of this gen, is the HD gen survival horror, and the fast paced shooting makes it even better!

Great game, must have

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