GamerPops Review: Two Worlds II

If Two Worlds II were a dog at the Humane Society, it would be the mangy three legged mutt in the back corner with a gas problem. Sure, most people will pass it by, some might even laugh at it. But someone will take it home, clean it up, put in some quality time, and they’ll get nothing but love in return.

That, in a nutshell is SouthPeak Games’ Two Worlds II, a fantasy RPG that is fraught with problems that will turn off a lot of gamers, but will provide some lucky gamers with an odd but lovable new friend.

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Mr_Bun2841d ago

I found the gameplay mechanics to be clunky, the visuals to be awful and the inventory/map screens to be very disorganized yet still love this game! I'm 40 hours in and still can't wait to get home and fire this game up.

GamerPops2841d ago

It's crazy isn't it? For all its flaws, it's still oddly compelling!

Tex1172841d ago

Visuals weren't that bad.

But yeah, glad I picked it up...but I was happy to put it down by the end.