Death By Robots - Feature: Games that give you the 'special' feeling

Ryan Syrett for DBR writes: You can call it immersion, or you can call it personal taste, but it’s undeniable there are certain games that give you the ‘special’ feeling. No, I’m not talking about that time your hot hair-dresser rested her boobs on your neck. I’m not describing the way you felt when you first ate KFC, nor am I speaking of the wonderful joy of having a box of kittens emptied onto your head. It’s that special warm feeling you get when you play a game that you get so emotionally attached to you can’t help but feel a little lost once you’ve completed it. It’s the kind of game that stays with you forever. Some are instant world renowned classics like Red Dead Redemption or Ocarina of Time, where as some are just little gems that go by almost unnoticed like Enslaved or Knights of the Old Republic.

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GodKing13372844d ago

Yeah I remember playing Zelda when I was young, It was really fun. It probably had the funnest story up to date.

Rage_S902844d ago

shadow of the colossus and red dead redemption give me that special felling, its the atmosphere i reckon tis awe inspiring