Nine New ScreenShots of Dark Souls

Here are 9 new images of From Software’s upcoming dark, fantasy role-playing game Dark Souls

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akaFullMetal2844d ago

looks very similar to demon souls.

HolyOrangeCows2844d ago

It's Demon Souls 2 with a name change so that they can make it multiplatform.

New screens....good. Something to FAP to tonight :)

VonAlbrecht2844d ago

Alot of people are saying this looks graphically inferior to Demon's Souls.

Apparently alot of people also need to get their eyes checked. Look at the level of detail in the environments, it looks really good. They've also added a wider range of colors. I'm really looking forward to this, maybe we won't need a new King's Field.

blahblah2843d ago

demon's souls never needed/had awesome graphics. design, mood and gameplay were features making it the most awesome game ever.

ds could run on much worse hardware and still look the same. the only people who don't want to believe that are actually offended it has gone to 360 too and don't really care about ds. all it matters to them is one exclusive less

Neckbear2844d ago

Vagina monster is still the best monster.

SSKILLZ2844d ago

Lmfao .... I'll leave that monster to the penetrator .

Masterchef20072844d ago

The game looks better than Demon Souls in Many aspects. They learnt a lot from developing the first one on the PS3 so its normal that they made improvements in second one. Anyways i dont know about the 360 version but according to a mag from japan the PS3 version of dark souls looks better than demon souls.