Sony Details NGP Media Format at GDC

Announced earlier this year, Sony's PlayStation Portable successor, the NGP, packs enough power to play "near-PlayStation 3" level games on a smaller screen, with a front and rear touchpad adding new levels of interactivity. While the handheld was known to use a proprietary flash memory device, the actual capacity and even the name of device remained unknown - until now.

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BigWoopMagazine2844d ago

uhhhh... the Night Vision Goggle Card? That'd be... interesting.

Christopher2844d ago

Okay, this conflicted news I heard yesterday but is good to hear.

I question yet another SD card format and wonder how much the cost of manufacturing this will be and how they will affect production costs and thereby game costs.

I also now greatly question, with the new format, whether or not we'll be able to obtain memory expansions and how much those might cost. Or, are they still going to have a pro duo slot as well?

NiKK_4192844d ago

this is just what the games will be stored on (and space for game saves and updates) it's not meant to replace the memory card, that is different and will likely be a mini pro duo or mini SD or something

Raf1k12844d ago

I'm guessing piracy was a factor in the creation of this new format.

one2thr2844d ago

@big wool
I guess no one gets sarcasm lol

doctorstrange2844d ago

Than UMD, can't wait for the NGP

koehler832844d ago

And will likely get larger in the future.

Stealth20k2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

they didnt say it wil be any larger

any larger and its not cost effective.

at below

even if a 16 gig card is 10 dollars per, thats more expensive than making about 100 blurays.

a08andan2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )


It may not be cost effective YET, but it will be since NGP:s lifecycle isn't 1 day. As for all consoles, all parts in them gets cheaper over time, and so will the NVG-cards. :)

doctorstrange2844d ago

I wouldnt be at all surprised if a few years in they bring in 8GB and even 16GB. Sony know how to give something a long lifespan.

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Ddouble2844d ago

I hope they increase the capacity down the line. Type-0 is already pushing 2 UMD's and im sure other developers won't hold back either.

DJMarty2844d ago

I bet the option is there, just cos it's not annouced now means nothing. Sony never announced Blu-ray would go past 50Gb but it can.

blackburn52844d ago

Damn you Sony!!!!!! Why don't you just come to my house and take my wallet? And while your at it empty my bank account too. I can barely buy all the games you are throwing my way and now I have to save up for this too plus games? Damn you!!!!!!!

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