Latest Dynasty Warriors 7 Promotion Movie

Andriasang: Tecmo Koei updated the Dynasty Warriors 7 official site today with the game's second promotional trailer.

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Xof2815d ago

Do they really need a promo movie for a game that will only be purchased by people who are already fans? Musou games have such a bad reputation among people who've never played them, it's hard to imagine it'll pull in any additional customers.

DragonKnight2815d ago

It's called marketing, and it's how you sell games.

AhmadCentral2815d ago

Tecmo Koei are really trying hard to get more fans to like this game, after releasing DW6 they didn't get that many sales so they've actually listened to customers this time and have improved the game to make it so much better. I really hope this game gets given a chance by gamers and reviewers and they don't just give it a miss because its "just another Dynasty Warriors game".

DragonKnight2815d ago

DW6 SUCKED!! Surprisingly I liked DW6E MUCH better because they added Meng Huo (frickin' BEAST in that game) and changed Cao Pi's move set. I'm so glad they returned to form with DW7 and added Air Musou as well.

INehalemEXI2815d ago

This one have online co-op?

AhmadCentral2815d ago

Yep, Online Co-Op is in this game :)

Simon_Brezhnev2815d ago

Yep im glad it has online co-op and your right about the reviewers about "just another Dynasty Warriors game." You know they never say that about call of duty or madden games.

Honest_gamer2815d ago

Would give anything for them to make a dynasty tactics 3!!!! Day I got no1 me and friend stayed up all night to complete it, when I got no 2, we stayed up for about a week getting all the endings was such an amazing game. Anyway I hope this one has a campaign for every character unlike 6!! I hope lu bu gets his original gear back but even more than that I want zu yu to look less poffy!!!!

AhmadCentral2815d ago

In this one there is a Kingdom mode not a musou Mode. Each kingdom gets 22-24 stages and you take it in turns playing as different chracters in each battle.

So e.g Battle 1- play as Zhao Yun
Battle 2- Play as Liu Bei etc...

cochise3132815d ago

I haven't played this series since part 2 on ps2.

Simon_Brezhnev2815d ago

So they basically put all the kingdoms trailers together.

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