Yakuza Of the End VS Left 4 Dead: Fight

Andriasang: Now that a Yakuza Of the End demo is available on PSN (download it now!), we're going to be getting all sorts of silly posts at Hachimaki and the likes that I'm gong to be reposting here. Case number 1: Aren't the zombies in Yakuza of the End just a bit similar to the zombies in Left 4 Dead? Let's explore!

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Cloudberry2817d ago

So "Yakuza Of The End" is influenced by "Left 4 Dead" too?

That's awesome, lol.

Anyway, "Yakuza Of The End" demo is available on Japanese PSN right now.

lordkemp0072817d ago

Cheers Cloudberry.

Thankyou very much for this info. I am currently downloading the game now.
Additionally this is available FREE to all, so no playstation plus required.

I have had a Japanese account for a while now and it's quite tricky to set up ( ie languages etc ) . So i recommend watching a youtube video and writing down to see how its done.

InfiniteJustice2817d ago

Good to know, thanks for the info (knew it was this week but no idea when).

I'm really hoping Yakuza of the End makes it to the west, it looks like a brilliant mix of classic Yakuza and... well, zombies. Amazing that a developer could make this game look like it actually works extremely well

Wizziokid2817d ago

they do look similar, never played a Yakuza game yet might have a look at this one

rohsik2817d ago

oh my....this is interesting. l4d being xbox360 exlcusive...i bet PS3 owner won't care about what Toshihiro Nagoshi did there...actaully this is dream come true for ps3 owner...yakuza + L4D = awesomesauce :D

Wizziokid2817d ago

I'm sure L4D will go multi-plat soon enough, now that Valve have realised that the PS3 is a solid console

kurochi2817d ago

can't wait!!! C'mon Amazon, give me a coupon deal for Yakuza 4 & Y: of the end!!!! Don't let me down!!

helghast1022817d ago

When will people stop calling it "Yakuza" of the End? That doesn't make sense, the japanese-english title is "Like a Dragon of the End" which is perfectly understandable, it'll probably get it's subtitle changed for it's western release.

Cloudberry2817d ago

The "Yakuza" series called in Japanese is "Ryu Ga Gotoku".

Seeing this site recognize it as "Yakuza", "Yakuza Of The End" is what we have right now.

Although, if this game localized (hopefully), I don't doubt it will have a change in title too.

Yakuza Of The Dead.

Yakuza Apocalypse.


Redempteur2817d ago

they could use " Deadly yakuza " or something ...

Rob9462817d ago

We call it yakuza of the end because at the moment there isn't any western name for it, and if we were to call it Like A Dragon of the end not as much people wud be familiar with that name as people are more familiar with yakuza.

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