Homefront breaks THQ pre-order records, Kaos Studios' future remains cloudy

THQ reveals that Homefront has become the most pre-ordered title in the publisher's history.

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dukegodtezza2848d ago

Cant wait and yes i pre ordered it

thorstein2846d ago

I did too. I am so glad this many others prebought. That means day 1 multiplayer through the roof.

Cherchez La Ghost2848d ago

Can't wait. I'm going to pre-order my copy this weekend.

dangert122847d ago

Is all i can say I'm not really interested in this game personally, but i can tell THQ are stepping it up a notch since this looks alot better then what they have put in recent years and it seems like the hardwork is paying off?
now if more devs see THQ and this game do well they will buck up there ideas?

BattleAxe2847d ago

CoD is like McDonalds, Battlefield is like Wendy's and this game is going to be like Burger King. Escentially all the same kind of thing. For me to get into a FPS now, its got to be something special, and I'm not totally convinced that this is going to be anything other than what we've seen in CoD or BattleField.

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