Eurogamer: Pokémon Black & White Review

Of course there's a lot that's the same. Of course there is. But with a great many small and well-placed innovations, a vivacious, inventive new cast and the biggest cosmetic makeover the series has ever seen, Pokémon Black and White makes it all feel new again. It reminds you what there was to love about Pokémon in the first place – and perhaps people all needed reminding.

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kingdavid2847d ago

Nice score.

But some of the new pokemon look dodgy to say the least.

Xof2847d ago

Can someone explain the appeal of these games to me?

With DS gamers, there are two groups: those that play (only) pokemon, and those that don't. I've always been firmly in the latter camp. Tried to play one of the older GBA ones, couldn't really get into it. Seemed like a real bare-bones, low-content RPG to me.

kingdavid2847d ago

Collecting pokemon, levelling up.

Its really addictive and satisfying deafeating gym leaders and then getting enough badges for the pokemon league.

Its hard to describe, you've really just gotta invest a few hours into it then youll see the light.