Review: Kirby's Epic Yarn (Nintendo Universe)

Nintendo Universe writes:

This past year has seen the continued revival of many of Nintendo's most well-loved characters. Donkey Kong answered the calls of the jungle beat, Samus Aran pursued a trail of conspiracy in Metroid: Other M, and looking to the future, Kid Icarus is set to make an anticipated return on Nintendo 3DS.

Yet in the midst of such iconic characters, there is a certain cuddly pink unsung hero that fans have feverishly been anticipating a comeback for quite some time. Kirby. Thankfully, Nintendo were all too aware of this Kirby's Epic Yarn was released upon Japan and North America last October, yet it isn't until now, some four months later, that it has finally hit the shores of the European audience.

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limewax2816d ago

Good review, I know it seems late to most but its only recently released in the UK. It isnt the sort of game I would usually play, but its something you can sit back and play with the GF knowing she physically cannot die :)