Epic VP Would "Love" Annual Gears of War

Epic Games would love to release a Gears of War title every year, a la Call of Duty, according to the developer's vice president Mark Rein.

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conjurdevil2815d ago

and follow the annual "Letdown" like Call Of Duty? NO thanks! take your time make better games :)

tehpees32815d ago

How much gears can one endure?

Ginbe2815d ago

There are only 2 game of this saga.

Unlike i can't say the same for Ratchet and fail saga.

Inside_out2815d ago

I think 2 different devs such as the Gears team vs people can fly for example making Gears game every year. An RTS would work perfectly in the Gears world with three different factions.

Epic is lazy and are not doing enough to grab some market share considering how many engineers they have working around the clock on their tech.

I think that the Activision two dev development cycle is a great template for all pubs that have a good, solid franchise. Who wants to wait 2-3 years for a game. Look at this Last guardian clown spending ten+ years making a game...O_o

limewax2815d ago

yes this last gaurdian clown should totally take advice from activision :/ (10 years? do your research troll)

People like you are what will kill the gaming industry. Happy to pay out $60 for devs to churn out the same game every year and would love to see devs who work on new ideas closed down.

Do you ever stop to think how much you would be paying out if EVERY franchise released a game yearly? Thankfully you have nothing to do with the industry

Blad3star2815d ago

I love Gears and I would welcome this with open arms.

I hate waitng 2 to 3 years for a game.

I dont give a [email protected]#k about graphics as long as the story and game play is diffrent.

tigertron2815d ago

@ Ginbe

You couldn't have thought of a better title than "Ratchet and fail"? Jeez...regardless, the Ratchet and Clank series aren't fail at all, quite the opposite infact.

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no_more_trolling2815d ago

which company wouldnt? it means more money for them

the question is would it be as innovative, or would it go the way of call of duty

cuz im tired of call of duty

BrutallyBlunt2815d ago

I do agree about innovation but people still buy it. I think every two years like what Uncharted is doing is perfect. It gives them more time to actually try and create a new experience.

MerkinMax2815d ago

It is all about how well those 2 years are used.

Blad3star2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

@nomoretrolling - Why do you hate on COD? I played every single COD and I enjoyed all of them and always felt like I was playing a diffrent COD game.

The graphics might not be a leap from one to another but the game delivers in the fun factor.

And name one game since Halo,LBP,Heavy Rain,Fall Out that have innovated in there genre?

no_more_trolling2815d ago

i didnt say i hate it
i said im tired of Call of Duty

why do u guys feel that everyone who is tired of call of duty are hating on it

please read carefully next time

Scottyabanks2815d ago

Please no, I do not want a repetitive game every year. I don't mind waiting 2 or 3 years for a proper sequel. Quality over quantity.

2815d ago
SnakeMustDie2815d ago

That doesn't sound good. Epic should remind themselves that quality > quantity.

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The story is too old to be commented.