Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Screenshots

Andriasang: Our latest look at the PSP remake of FFIV and its sequel. (Total 25 images)

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Mirrikh2547d ago

Seriously looking forward to this. Its looking gorgeous.

Stealth20k2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

mobile version+new content+after years



@ below you mean 5 and 6

frjoethesecond2547d ago

Perhaps they should go this route for a 6 and 7 remake. If 7 really isn't coming to PS3 then I'd settle for this.

buckley2547d ago

Even if it was years from now, an eventual FFVII remake would be incredible.

AzaziL2547d ago

We'll get five more remakes of FFIV-VI before they remake VII, I stopped holding my breath along time ago.