Halo 3 central to Microsoft's strategy

BBC Business News reports how the Halo franchise is a key part of Microsoft's global business strategy to dominate an increasingly uncharted, but potentially profitable, video game market. Microsoft hopes that Halo 3 will enhance Microsoft's profile worldwide, entice buyers to subscribe to Xbox Live and all other Microsoft services like movie downloads, and generate extra revenue streams.

It is a business model that is also being pursued by Sony with its PlayStation 3. Game industry analyst (and former Edge magazine editor) Margaret Robertson discusses if Sony's so-called "Halo-killer", Killzone 2, will capture public attention and imagination for Sony's PS3 as Halo has for Microsoft's Xbox. Robertson also compares the market advantages and strategies of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, and discusses how games and independent studios will continue to play significant roles in the competition.

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beavis4play3761d ago

i don't think this "analyst" knows much of anything. don't agree with her on any of her points. she comes across as someone who doesn't know sh1t about gaming.

ShiftyLookingCow3761d ago

...a game called Killzone 2. According to reports, this will be a first-person shooter with a plot that revolves around battling aliens - very similar to the Halo series...



DarkArcani3761d ago

Yeah cause the Helgans are aliens.

Clinton5143761d ago

They are genetically mutated humans.

Lord Anubis3761d ago

I was going to point out the same thing. Helghan inhabitants were forced to wear masks to survive in their planets. I guess you can argue they are aliens because they are from different planet, making them alien to Vektans.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3761d ago

Both don't exsist so what the differance?

I own Killzone so don't try it.

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TheExecutive3761d ago

talk about writing in a field you know nothing about. Analysts are funny.

Bnet3433761d ago

killzone 2, the sequel to an already horrible game

DarkArcani3761d ago

I don't see how it was a "horrible" game. It was an ok game.

Their big problem with Killzone was they tried doing too much with too little, therefore it ended up buggy. It was a very promising game, they just had to fix all the glitches.

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