Is Call of Duty Dead?

Robert Bowling, the Infinity Ward Creative Strategist has said that “building a new engine for the Call of Duty franchise “would be counter productive”.”

Like you, I’ve watched and watched again the Battlefield 3 in-game trailer, compared what antialiasing means for the Forstbite 2 engine and appreciated the quality of an upcoming FPS such as Crysis 2. I must say Robert Bowling words make me think of a joke, at first!

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imvix2845d ago

Its obvious they want to keep milking their current engine, why create a new one anyways when everyone will buy the game anyways.

Also people like how COD runs at 60fps on Console. Its the only first person shooter that runs at a smooth 60fps this is due to the game looking like last gen. If they were to create a new more demanding engine, the FPS would take a hit. They probably dont want to risk people not playing the game in 30 or so FPS on console.

NukaCola2845d ago

If the gameplay is solid who cares? I'd rather have a game run at 30fps and look and play flawlessly than a game running at 120fps thats a broken mess.

jashmister2844d ago

Is it dead overall? nope
Is it dead in innovation? yes
Should it be dead? yes