Communities can make or break a game

In the annals of gaming, if you have been around it long enough and if the game has an online presence of any sort, you have probably encountered the player communities that ridicule, backbite and are generally rude and anti-social.

You know the folks of the reference – they take what could be an enjoyable experience and turn it into a nightmare. Any question asked, no matter how mundane, is met with ridicule. You find it better to not open your mouth, remain ignorant and get less satisfaction from the gaming experience rather than subject yourself to rude remarks.

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VendettaWFT4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

All the time in online gaming and forums people flaim other people about the most stupid stuff, its ridiculous. Online gaming, forums and other sites where gamers express there opinion should be opened to people who feel they have a worthy opinion to express and should get responses that A)take note of what they are saying or B)politely agree to disagree with that person response. This almost never happens in the gaming community, especially in online gaming. Somebody says something and a whole bunch of people come swarming in for the killshot. Sometimes the kid deserves it for running his mouth off, but I've seen people post a simple question about a game or start talking about it in an online game and then get lambasted by people for owning the game in the first place and more often than not the comments get personal. Online games have gotten it the worse, ignorant kids say stupid stuff all the time and think there is no penalty for it whatsoever cause your not next to the people playing it. This is what pisses me off about the internet and online gaming, people sit and hide behind there computer or there mics and keyboards and say whatever the hell they want and know it doesn't mean anything to them cause they never said it to the persons face. Its real big of a person to sit behind a computer and post hateful comments about people in the security of there own house. If your gonna say something be a man about it and say it to the person's face...not at your computer screen like a coward.

bloodzombie774067d ago

I laughed when I read the part about the spawn point camper getting the living crap beaten out of him when he was stupid enough to give out his address to a woman he was obviously being an asshole to. You see, this is the kind of crap that SHOULD happen when multiplayer gamers get out of hand, there's nothing better to remind one of their own weak insignificance than a good ol' fashioned ass-kicking.

And I'd say about a good 80% of gamers these days need one...BAD! I'd say it's been about a year or so since I last played Counter-Strike (or any other multiplayer shooter), and it's been because of all the other gamers. They're so socially inept and pissed off because of how they feel about themselves that they can only take solace in the fact that online they can talk all the sh*t they want and not have to take any of it, and they can avoid the much-needed fear of one's own personal safety. This really only applies to PC gaming.

This has caused most gaming communties to become the exact opposite, they are nothing more than meaningless wars of words and threats with no substance, usually resulting in the type of jackassery that would make a normal human cringe with embarrassment that this person is of the same species.

Console multiplayer tends to be a bit better to deal with. I've noticed a lot of b*tching about the PS3 game Warhawk, saying that it comes with a headset, but no one talks. I think that's exactly what makes the game great, people are starting to shut the hell up and actually play the game without being pricks.

I guess it all boils down to the fact that there's no sense of sportsmanship in gaming anymore, plain and simple. There are more sore winners than sore losers usually, nobody's truly happy playing the game, and then they get so pissed they stop playing, only to let the anger brood and start playing again. You see, if there was the genuine threat of ass-kicking involved, I think people would really start to pipe down and actually show a bit of civility in gaming.

Sadly, no one dares present that as a revolutionary thought anymore, people have become so coddled, that the mere thought of a boot heel coming at one's face is enough to make someone piss themselves.

So until that time comes, I've refrained from playing multiplayer games, at least PC ones anyway, I can still tolerate console multiplayer for now.

bluebrad19744067d ago

I don't say anything online that I wouldn't say to someone's face in real life, and that includes the rude things.

sumfood4u4067d ago

I speak my mind online same way i do in TRW= the real world! But people do dumbthings online, can't front It's funny as hell to me! I played FF11 PS2 online for 3 years with 3-5 months breaks off of it, cause I have a life! Most my friends get divorces over that game an WOW. Kinda sad but being online to people without stress of the real world is there Fantasy!