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Bulletstorm: A lot of games come out and try to pretend to be something they are not. Either the developers put out a product with a "deep" story that lacks substance, or an "engaging" online mode that lacks depth and complexity, yet they never own up to their short comings and fail to impress not only the critics, but the masses as well. Well the team at People Can Fly and Epic know that their big story-mode game lies in the hands of the Gears of War titles and the upcoming Gears of War 3, so it's nice to see them counter that with a balls out fun game like Unreal Tournament that supplies the frag fest fun, but surprisingly tosses in a decent little story for the single player crowd as well. The end result is Bulletstorm, a game that came literally from nowhere and may end up being a sleeper hit, or worst case, the perfect tide-me -over for the next great shooter.

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