Disregarding Ways to Save Money On Games is Dumb

This isn’t anything new, but disregarding great ways to save on this expensive hobby not only sets you back, but it's dumb.

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ItsEvan2844d ago

Gotta love Steam and their monopoly on digital distribution. Seriously. They wouldn't have a monopoly if their DEALS WEREN'T SO DAMN GOOD!

I got Batman AA GOTY for like 6 bucks on one of their deals.

Murgatroyd72844d ago

Like I said in the article's comments, I suggest using Blockbuster instead because it's cheaper and has a bit more freedom. And CheapAssGamer is a must. I think Amazon and eBay are still very important as well. Amazon's Gold Box deals are great sometimes, especially around Christmas. Between these two sites, it's rare for me to pay full price for a game. I also like to take online surveys for Amazon gift cards; I often end up only spending $5 out of pocket for new releases.

omicron0092844d ago

Steam is where I get all my games, although D2D has some good deals too