Dragon Age II demo analysis - Digital Foundry

DF writes: "Last week's Dragon Age II demo from BioWare is well overdue for some Digital Foundry analysis, but we do so with some caution - while demos are usually highly representative samples of the final game, the company's Mass Effect 2 PS3 effort turned out to be significantly different from the quality of the retail release. Also, while a PC version of the demo is available, it's been cut down and misses so many high-end features that we thought it best until final code arrived before we looked at that one in any depth."

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NukaCola2815d ago

Both versions are basically the same, and this build has a few kinks that need to be worked out.

Masterchef20072815d ago

Yep i agree with you. Both are 99% identical to each other. The only difference is the AA implementation but thats hardly noticible. Glad to see that they are using MLAA on the PS3 version though (even though it blurs the image by a tiny ammount)

Da_Truth2815d ago

I'm kinda piss at the PS3 with the latest crysis 2 update. I guess it's true that the PS3 has some kind of bottle neck and its the RAM. The Cell is a power house but the RAM and GPU seems to really be holding it back. People keeps saying its the developer's fault, but it can't be cause we are 5 years in, and still the PS3 struggles with multiplats. Hope they learned from that for the PS4.

WhiteNoise2815d ago

20 frames at 720p with no AA. I'm so jelly.

The demo never dropped below 60 frames at 1080p with 32csaa for me and it looks 5x better than what is shown there...and that is only in DX9 mode ( medium ) because the second highest setting was bugged and the last setting was locked out...rofl.

I was playing it on my 17" PC screen and little PC speakers which can be seen here.

Feel sorry for us PC gamers, we get it so hard :(

JAMurida2815d ago

I was going to try and build a PC later down the line, if I have enough money set aside by then. In the last picture is that how your PC setup is? I was thinking of doing a similar setup style, (using my 42' hdtv for the monitor and surround sound for the audio).

That's my current setup atm. As you can see, I don't have the room for desktop furniture, lol.

Thrillhouse2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Nice setup!

xtremegamerage2815d ago

Nice little setup. whitenoise.

But seriously the demo's on both 360/PS3 are buggy.

I don't really see that game pushing much, but a pc is brute force, dependant on rig.

I thought the demo was nice, mountains etc, and some facial stuff, but that's about it. Abit overrated imo.

I'm not really a RPG type person, maybe that's why:)

I do need to get a table though, not glass as my kid would smash it,lol

andron2815d ago

Yeah, I played through the demo once. And when we met the Templar and his companion, the dialog repeated itself. I was wondering WTF, why are we having the same conversation again...

Raider692815d ago

There is a obvious winner especially wend it comes to gameplay framerates!Do you people even watch the full clip!One is running at 30fps most of the time and the other is ranging from 30fps to low has 20fps!Calling them equal is BS!