RFoM, R2, R3 comparison and changes

The resistance series was one of the first and best PS3 launch titles back in 2006. As I played the first game RFoM I fell in love with the multiplayer and story of the chimera invasion. When R2 launched my gaming heart (yes I have a gaming heart) sank like the Titantic. The gameplay and look has changed so much that the game was in fact a different game. The game looked way to color-full and came with gameplay influences from COD and HALO.

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Balt 2847d ago

The only time Resistance 2 looked acceptable was after you had beaten it and were given the depth of field filters. I had to play with a DF of x2 to make it look even remotely worth the bluray it was printed on. It was horrible looking without it. The textures are some of the worst I've seen this gen and a good portion of last gen.

trounbyfire2847d ago

i ama PS3 fanboys and i think R3 look bad from animation to graphics. did you see the reload animation and the running animation. I ger a bunch of disagrees for this but i don't care GG, ND, SsM even QD, PD set high standards and i refuse to go back to lower standards for a ps3 exclusive.

they really show that they are not first party but third party and i know its not popular but true they are not but i thought at least having it exclusive would mean a higher standard

Silly gameAr2847d ago

No offense, but I think you get disagrees because you deserve them, not that you should waste your time with disagrees or anything.

Quagmire2847d ago

Am I the only one who preferred R2 > R1

I found R1 boring tbh

MidnytRain2847d ago

The first was more tense and desparate. It fit the "resistance" theme better than the squad-styled gameplay of the second. In the first game, it was very apparent throughout the story that Nathan Hale truly was their last hope.

xtremegamerage2847d ago

I actually enjoyed both, but in different ways tbh.

I like where you get to drive sh%t, probably why i love BF games so much. And R1 had some of that. Also felt darker.

Graphics were better in the second game, and balt i'd have to disagree, some textures were actually nice, some were poor.