Find Makarov Puts Bullets in my Heart

KC Garcia writes, "Since the Mortal Kombat Rebirth trailer debuted last year, I have been itching to see more quality fan-made films. Street Fighter Legacy may have helped fill that void for a bit, but as someone who eats FPSs and craps RPGs, it wasn't long before that feeling of emptiness returned. Long gone were the simple days of searching the interwebs for a comical flash short to forward along to everyone on my Friends List; I had enjoyed the likes Mario Twins and Metal Gear Awesome but I needed something with a little more flair, and just a touch more excitement. As a gamer, I often look to my favorite pastime for quality stories and unforgettable characters – so it makes total sense that I would expect the same from a fan-made short. And while I never quite expect to be wowed each and every time some kid with a camera decides he can totally pull of a Contra fan film (he can't, btw), there is always a chance for love to blossom on the bitter battlefield of fan-created conte...

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