Ico’s Creator Says Games Can Be Art (Well, Sort Of)

Japan is in a funk. Too many sequels, too many character-based titles and not enough original games. Fumito Ueda is once again bucking that trend. The 39-year-old is working on his third game, The Last Guardian. The game tells the story of a young boy and a large bird-like animal named Trico. It's anything but typical.

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Julie2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

"Actually, the only pressure I feel is towards the players who have enjoyed my games in the past."

Aww don't you worry Fumito San i believe in you (and i believe a lot of gamers do too) take your time and ty for to share your magic with us :)

MagicAccent2845d ago

Good read, and it's also nice to hear that nothing has changed with Ueda.
He's got the free mind of an indie dev, but with many many more monies at his disposal. And that is why we should support his games.