Killzone 3 Medic Class Hints and Tips...Hopefully

RespawnAction: "The Medic class in Killzone 3 appears to be one of the most underrated classes in the game, as most of the community plays as the Marksman and Infiltration classes. However, I feel the Medic class is vital for a team that plans on actually winning the match."

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Spitfire_Riggz2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Fellow medic here =) I hate how everyone wants to be the infiltrator and marksmen. The thing is the medic isnt as useful as in lets say.. BAD COMPANY 2. Man that game got the medic right.

They need to make the respawn time longer because I find people dont like waiting for us medics. Whatever happened to the medic marker from KZ2?? Another reason they spawn is they dont know where the hell the medic is! Either more spawn time or way longer range to the medic

respawnaction2792d ago

Correct! Downed teammates need an indication on the map on exactly who is a medic and WHERE they are. I hate getting to teammates at a second too late just b/c they gave up waiting. :/

ChineseDemocracy2792d ago

I find the game's actually alot more fun when the classes are evenly distributed among the team. Killzone is one of the only games where kills are a secondary objective for me; the way to rack up points is to support your team and secure those objectives!

ShadowArchangel2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

I find we are better at our role!

When we revive, people get higher health, more ammo and more grenades.

I revive key members, if there's a firefight and I see a tactician/engineer down and a marksmen, I'll revive the tactician/engineer.

People aren't used to being revive.

Edit: I just saw the video. I play so diferently as medic lol I actually act like an assault class. I go in, get kills, go out and get objectives. Follow my squad around when I see them, but when they begin stalling, I go in. Everyone has their playstyle I imagine :D

Spitfire_Riggz2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

You know whats amazing? Having a fully upgraded revive where you give higher health more grenades and full ammo... AND REVIVING YOURSELF.

Nothing better than going on a killing spree dying, getting back up better than before and on to another spree.

nightmarex1212792d ago

Lol yeah my friend always play the medic and he does the exact same thing as you.

Pillage052792d ago

the respawn time should increase for sure, imo. BUUUUTTT I completely disagree about the range thing. Short range keeps me from getting respawned by idiot medics who want to respawn me right in front of 10 enemies firing like crazy. I hated medics in KZ2 cause of that.

I think a 10 second respawn again would do the game some good though.

Spitfire_Riggz2792d ago

Im saying if not time range. So you can get a guy before he spawns

CaptainGreece2792d ago

Where are all my engineer peeps?

lsujester2792d ago

Here's one. I am a ammo crate building beast.

UnSelf2792d ago

i was the MEDIC MASTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR in KZ2. best class ever


after that the medic class died and i died a lil inside

Pillage052792d ago

The medic assault rifle isn't terrible. The thing is more of a sniper rifle now though lol. I recommend dual primary weapons with the lmg for general use and the assault for long distance. Or swap the smg with the lmg if you're not a fan.

ShadowArchangel2792d ago

Yeah. I love the Rifle. it's what I use, love the accuracy nonscoped and scoped.

VenomProject2792d ago

You medics need to get together and procreate. There's too few of you heroes.

BrianG2792d ago

Agreed, thats why I try to play medic in KZ3.

I was just playing some Killzone 2 earlier today online, medics are always there and reviving, I miss that. Also miss the icon above a medics head when you get downed.

holdmyown832792d ago

So is there a way to use 2 primary weapons?

Prophet1122791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

You unlock the ability once you've reached a certain rank. I think its Captain I.

denero12791d ago

lol i remember getting revived my first thought "omg there is another medic" it shocked me i never experienced getting healed lol