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-Alpha2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )


So, no more servers? I was hoping for some custom games, hopefully some private matches are possible.

Hope split-screen co-op is there.

Hoping for a theater mode, deep, deep stat tracking, tons of objective modes, and I hope they replace killstreaks with pointstreaks

Disappointed in lack of a co-op MP, hopefully story will allow for some customization too, like Halo.

Dante1122667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

Resistance 3 still has 2 player online co-op for the campaign, as well as text chats in the lobby and dual-login from the Resistance 2 among other things. Most complained about the MP co-op in Resistance 2 claiming that too much was going on too (probably why it's not there in this game). Didn't really matter either way with me.  

Can't wait to try out the Resistance 3 beta though. Sounds and looks like ALOT of fun.

-Alpha2667d ago

What do you mean "too much was going on"?

I always thought everybody loved 8 player co-op.

Dante1122667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

I meant it as in "too many players". Some felt that 60 players were too much (MP in general) as well as the complaint that there was too much was going on onscreen (8 player coop) things could get pretty hectic). Guess they were overwhelmed. Personally, it didn't matter to me.

SpitFireAce852667d ago

Yeah i cant wait to try the beta out as well..

MaxXAttaxX2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

People are way too concerned about the online multiplayer.

Am I the only one who cares about the story and new elements in the singler player?

And no, not like Halo.
If I wanted to play something like Halo, I'll go play Halo.

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sinncross2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

I'm concerned about R3 in all honesty.
Campaign co-op is an awesome return for the series, but they're dropped the co-op of R2 and apparently the online supports up to 16 players?

What made R1 and R2 MP so much fun was its large number count. I know some thought 60 was too much, and maybe even 40. But 32 seemed like a manageable number. I'm sure R3 MP will be great but I'm slightly worried.

ivant2667d ago


F**** no. First Killzone 3 and now R3. Server lists rock...not match making.

"Waiting for a game, waiting for a game, still waiting...finally, a game. What? There's only four players online. Screw this. Quit. Waiting for a game, waiting for a game..."

Insomniac has totally lost the plot and are trying too much to copy the success of MW with fewer players, confined warfare, no vehicles, matchmaking.

Will now pass on this franchise and save my money for Battlefield 3....and hopefully Warhawk 2(Starhawk).

Jezuz2667d ago

There's lobby text chat! Awesome

GodofSackboy2666d ago

I know people don't like it because it's like COD, but I think Killstreaks are damn fun. Yes, I have now signed my death warrant on N4G, but they really make the game heart-pumping and exiting. Whats the point in getting kills in games for no rewards?

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Hitman07692667d ago

Resistance 3 is going to be epic.

AdmiralSnake2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

I'm kind of sad with this.... Is it just me or does this seem like even less then what Resistance 1 and 2 have had ?

Why take out 8 player co-op ? I find it stupid and dumb. Seems like this is a trend with a lot of games. They remove stuff that add more for replay value and fun. I'm already disappointed...

Sigh the point for a sequel is to build up on what made the previous installment good. So Killzone 3 disappointed me now Resistance 3. I pray for the Love of god don't make Socom 4 a disappointment or Uncharted 3. Those are the last 2 games I really am looking forward to now.

Why as the years goes on we get less features or take features out ? I find no reason why they would get rid of CO-OP.

Pandamobile2667d ago

Resistance goes from 64 players in 2006 to 16 players in 2011.

Sounds like a case of Crysis 2 syndrome.

BK-2012667d ago

R1 was 40 players. They are probably going for something more tactical rather than the clusterfuck that R2 was.

ivant2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

You avoid the clusterfest by increasing the map size and adding vehicles.....then gameplay becomes more tactical and alot more fun.

Play a 16 vs 16 Warhawk match to see how awesome gameplay can be by simply having large maps with vehicles and giving players the freedom.

The Resistance is waning.

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