Rely on Horror: Dead Space 2 ‘Severed’ Review, a memorable addition to the series’ lore

Rely on Horror: "There’s been many conflicting opinions on this new DLC for Dead Space 2. The usual comments lay blame on the price being too high for such a small package (in terms of game-time). Regardless of what some people may say, Dead Space 2 ‘Severed’ is worth every dollar, and it provides one of the most memorable scenarios in the series to date. It even rivals the overall effectiveness of Dead Space 2’s main plot. Find out why in our review below."

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VenomProject2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

I'm possibly one of the biggest fans of the Dead Space series. I've got all of the debut comics (6 total), the Dead Space: Extraction one shot comic, Dead Space: Martyr TPB, Dead Space: Salvage graphic novel, and the movies; Downfall and Aftermath. I've even got an Isaac Clarke figure on my desk as I type.

Having said that, I was thoroughly disappointed with this "DLC." Sure, it reveals a couple of interesting tidbits of the Dead Space universe like the "men in white," but ultimately it felt like a shameless cash-in for EA. Not to mention they totally recycled the enviroments, you were literally backtracking through the Sprawl the entire time.

The mini plot and ending were the only redeeming parts in this DLC. Frankly, after the whopping one hour of gameplay that the DLC offers (wtf), I felt cheated out of $6.99.

Achemki2847d ago

I'm inclined to agree. Having recently beat Extraction, I was psyched to revisit its survivors Gabe & Lexine. Unfortunately I don't feel their charachters got their proper dues with Severed. Lots of cliche beats from the "save my wife & child" to the betrayal and gov conspiracy/secret project, yet when it ended I had more questions than answers.

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Rubberlegs2847d ago

Its not that its bad and length didn't bother me but its pretty much more of the same. You trek through a lot same areas and they reuse gameplay ideas like hanging up downside again. The men in white bring up some interesting stuff but the ending just leaves a bunch of unanswered questions.

Croash2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

*Spoilers in this comment*
Well the only unanswered question I have is why would the main character not run away after freeing himself from someone who was about to blow up with him? It's not like he HAD TO KEEP PUNCHING, right?

And the Hanging part felt like it was used randomly, the way it happened was impressive though.

clarkjudo2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

*SPOLIER in Response*. I played it through ounce (will play again tho). But I think the gernade was not heard by Gabe in the struggle (destracted with personal rage). Other means maybe to be a human sheild. Protecting any possible damage to the shuttle near by?

clarkjudo2847d ago

I am for one who is big on story scripting. And I got to say, there seemed to be over use on the language used like the f-bomb in this DLC. (Not to mention the full game).

You want to express emotion with dialog that is not seem to be used just for shock value. Otherwise it cheapens the creativity that goes into story telling. It seems more of a filler and stands out (as a destraction) in a shorter story like Severed. A sign of lazieness personally (including the "Your Mom Will Hate Dead Space 2" videos. Just put a filter in the options menue for reduced Graphic Content for more sales).

But I will say that Severed as a whole was a good tie in. The plot was simple, Betrayl and Personal Vengence leading to more room for "what happens next?" After a few hours on the full game and then playing Severed works very well.