GameTrailers: inFAMOUS 2 - GDC 11: Creation Tools Interview

A tour through inFAMOUS 2's content creation tools and UIs with Sucker Punch Senior Designer Karl Deckard.

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Burning_Finger2840d ago


oweowe2840d ago

Little Big Infamous 2!
This is gonna be insane! --another GOTY contender.

gamingisnotacrime2840d ago

this game value just went out of control

gypsygib2840d ago

This actually really beats MP, nothing I hate more than devs throwing in MP on games that don't benefit from it when that money could be spent on better things (like this or SP). Everyone just goes back to playing (COD, Halo, BF, Sports games, ect) after trying it for 10 minutes.

Another example of devs catering to moron reviewers, they'll take off points for no MP but not if a game puts it in but doesn't rely on it.

ivant2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

MP would be a good well.

It would be far more satisfy for players to fight for and steal the powers from real human players rather than bots....or fight as a clan, other real human clans for territory etc using their available powers.

Infamous 2 will be a great game.

Masterchef20072840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

June 7th and it looks extremely polished. They are probably going to spend a month ironing out bugs and getting rid of any performance glithces.

This game will have excellent replay value. I only wished that more games would incorporate it. It wouldnt ruin DLC either cause with DLC you can have new weapons, NPCs, objects and other items.

Anyways the haters are getting owned so much it isnt even funny anymore.