THQ causes Kaos with Homefront balloon stunt

This week at GDC, THQ decided to create a bit of hype for their upcoming action game, Homefront. The stunt was always designed to create a little controversy, but not necessarily in the way it actually did.

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Urmomlol2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Wow, what a stupid marketing stunt. Racially offensive and killing the earth. Good one, THQ.

I honestly don't know what their PR is thinking. What a bunch of idiots.

SeanScythe2814d ago

Killing the earth.....really? Yeah "The balloons released at the Homefront rally event today were made from a 100 percent organic product and are 100 percent biodegradable. The balloons have no history of causing any environmental pollution on land or in water."

Even if they wern't do you really think little ballons are going to do more damage then lets say a natural issue lets say Volcano eruption?!

Pozzle2814d ago

They take months to degrade, so if they're eaten by any of the various marine life that lives in that bay, it's hello dead animals. :(

But even ignoring the environmental issues, it's a pretty stupid stunt. How exactly does a bunch of red balloons promote Homefront? Who's going to look at red balloons floating in the sky and know what it means?

SeanScythe2814d ago

OMG talk about small issues, where there are much larger issues.

dragonelite2814d ago

Looks like the pr team succeeded in their purpose Homefront again made some headlines.

So bonus for the whole pr team but a shame they need to use that bonus to hire a clean up team.