Why Beyond Good & Evil HD will be your most important purchase this year

Original Gamer: "Beyond Good & Evil HD is out on Xbox Live. Not only is it a chance for gamers to play one of the best games released in the last decade, it's also a chance for gamers to redeem themselves."

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jackmoulder2844d ago

Agreed. Let's unite for Beyond Good and Evil 2!

Anon19742844d ago

I still haven't played this. I picked the PS2 version over two years ago to play on my PS3 and it's just been sitting on a shelf, lost among all the games vying for my attention. I will play it though! Just as soon as I'm done Killzone 3. And Fallout New Vegas. And Mass Effect 2. And Dragon's Age 2. And Red Dead Redemption. And Dead Space 2. And Stacking.

Argh! So many games, so little time!

Christopher2844d ago

I disagree with this because I'm fairly certain that unless BG&E HD sells over 2 million, it really won't affect their decision to go forward with the sequel or not.

Their former statement was just a BS PR statement to get people interested in buying the HD remake, which they are cashing in on big now (PoP and Splinter Cell).

If you've never played BG&E, I highly suggest you pick it up and play it again. If you're a huge fan and love HD res graphics, go ahead and pick it up as well. But, if you've played it otherwise, don't bother.

IMHO, they'll bring BG&E2 about when they're done running their key IPs around the track a few times.

dragunrising2844d ago

I have a boatload of backlog games to get through but Beyond Good and Evil 2 needs to be made. Buying it this week. Everyone must buy BG&E HD!

TBM2844d ago

my most important purchase this year will be TLG if it does release this year, but i'll pick this up this later in the year i already beat it back on the gamecube when it first released.

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Balt 2844d ago

Please, whatever. Developers pushed this game like crazy on the PS2 when it came out and nobody bought it -- Now, flash foward years later, the developers and idiot critics get their second chance at making this game relevant. It sucked then and it sucks now. Go away.

armycore2844d ago

How dare you, sir. I will defend your right to your opinion but...bah the rage in me can't finish my thought.

Serinous2844d ago

played the first one, really liked it

ps3360games2844d ago

I got it on steam for £4.99 i love it.

ps3360games2844d ago

No you can Download it on pc and soon on psn.

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