Bitmob preview: User-generated missions surge into Infamous 2

Infamous 2's open world gameplay will become the backdrop for a slew of user-generated missions using developer Sucker Punch's level creation tools and assets.

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acronkyoung2845d ago

I still need to get to playing the first inFamous.

LockeCole2845d ago

You really do, it's lots of fun. Aside from the save-the-baby-or-eat-the-baby morality scale.

choadley2845d ago

Developers are really pushing Little Big Planet-style customization, huh.

Gungnir2845d ago

Seems like an odd feature to add to the series.

sorceror1712845d ago

It's actually very clever. A problem with open-world sandbox games is that, eventually, you run out of things to do.

With this, if you like the gameplay you don't ever have to run out of missions. Even after you platinum the thing you can still fire it up and play a couple brand-new missions every time.