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Balt 2845d ago

Not impressed in the least. It looks like every other FPS out there, only a little washed out.

theunleashed642845d ago

is there a day when you're not ms. negative nancy?.

mrv3212845d ago

How come my comment looks like spam? It's useless, we still get spam all the damn time.

Drekken2845d ago

Looks like every other FPS? You mean first person view with a gun in your hands because its a shooter game?

Aren't you Captain Obvious.

ugabugaz2845d ago

Screenshots don't do the game justice. Looks a lot better in motion.

thief2845d ago

besides, it scores well on gameplay and story
Some people complain about KZ3 "great graphics but we dont care about that, story sucks" and then reverse their stance for R3.

For me, played R2 and KZ2 alternately for 6 months, great gaming memories. really looking forward to R3, glad they brought back the good stuff from R1, just wish they had kept the 8-player online coop.

xtremegamerage2845d ago

Balt, Do you just hate ps3 exclusives?

Because i'm been thinking about the crysis 2 demo.

But as everyone has been finding out, it's COD on steriods

ps3bestever2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

best lighting i ever seen

ian722845d ago

Just watched some multi-player footage on another article and it looks fantastic. One of the best multi-player games I've seen.

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