Resistance 3 Multiplayer Gameplay

Craving alien multiplayer havoc? Check out the Resistance 3 multiplayer trailer to see some gameplay footage of the much anticipated Resistance 3

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ps3alldayeveryday2845d ago

Approve this fast! I would but im just a trainee and cant...

Gameplay looks improved and I love how all guns aim down the sites now. :)

Nitrowolf22845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

video won't even play for me :(
there we go

Holy F is it just me or does this look a bit like Killzone 2 graphics (aside from the characters)

wow the graphics on the enviroment is just insane, idk bout you but if they replaced it with ISA and Helghast i swear this would be killzone

F i'm in love

the gameplay looks better to. Looks much better then R2 for gameplay

Rage_S902845d ago

yup looks real good im impressed didn't think it would look this good

-Alpha2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

It looks like a lot of things in one. Graphics look good, COD elements (killstreaks and point pop ups), Halo elements (bubble shields, abilities like holograms), I think there is also spawning on teammates.

Then of course there's Resistance elements like weapon wheels and dual-fire weapons

I'm excited for it.

I hope they replace killstreaks with pointstreaks/points though, I always liked that idea and MoH did it. Hopefully that "dash" and bubble shield is properly balanced, but that's what the beta will be for.

Somehow I have to get into that beta

trancefreak2845d ago

The dude running on fire I lol'd. Some funny game play moments.

This also looks like the 1 pic that everyone was saying it was concept art.

I love the warm lighting feel the graphics were wicked sick it really was resistance on steroids.

Pixelated_Army2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

The gameplay looks intense! Looking forward to the beta. whoo! Damn yo those maps and environment look dope. Only on PS3 baby! Dude the PS3 is killing it with all these games.


Told you PS+ was wroth it. :P

Megulito2845d ago

the bubble shield started in resistance as the backlash grenade. also damn this looks amazing sony is raping my wallet

Blaster_Master2845d ago

This looks almost better than killzone 3. The weapons certainly do. MY god they are awesome.

Dante1122845d ago

Wow, nice! I can't wait to play Resistance 3.

BattleAxe2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

This map totally looks like a Killzone map. I like how they kept the same sound effects from R2, and I like being able to actually use the iron sights on the guns this time around.

Two things I don't like is how much the gun swings from side to side when you run, and the character models look kind of strange, but this is an early build.

MAJ0R2845d ago

wow this looks surprisingly good, much better than KZ3's MP

EeJLP-2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

It's Resistance 2 all over again. Just like I've been saying, but I was a troll last time I said it after seeing the Campaign footage. Now it's right there for you all to see.

It looks even worse than 2 in my opinion. Now I'm seeing invisibility, again (and after only a 2 kill streak). Now I'm seeing glowing enemies. That's ridiculous.

The sound effects are R2.
The auger shields are still gigantic like R2.
The carbine even has a shield now? Either that or it's a berserk or a killstreak reward for any weapon.

It's absolutely ridiculous. As a fan and long-time player of the Resistance franchise. I am highly disappointed.

Tell me now that you're seeing Fall of Man. Say that now and we'll know who doesn't know a damn thing about what they're talking about.

It's "R2 cake with a very thin layer of R:FoM frosting (weapon wheel, health system, etc.) to try to mask what it really is".

TheLastGuardian2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

I want it. I want it naow! I'm getting the Resistance 3 collectors edition day 1, no doubt.

"but I was a troll last time"

Yep and your a troll this time too. Once a troll always a troll. Stop judging the game before it even comes out.

EeJLP-2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

---^ Disagrees to facts and not one with a reply to dispute it. Classy.

Are you all watching a different video than I am? You're telling me there's not still giant auger shields like in R2? You're telling me there's not invisibility? You're telling me there's not a shield on the carbine? You're telling me there's not R2 movement? You're telling me there's not a hologram berserk/killstreak reward?

No, you're not telling me any of that, are you? Because you know it's the truth.

The fans thought R2 was a "failure", yet here we go again.

You wanted the truth. I told you the truth. I was labeled a 'troll'. Now you see the truth for yourselves, and you Still can't handle the truth.

Hopes now turn to Resistance 4 finally returning to the original winning formula. Only 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 more years til a possible Fall of Man 2.

R3 Campaign itself may be good. I'm not calling the single player game bad. I'm talking pure gameplay and to that you Disagreers have no comment, because you know it's the truth. The gameplay is like R2 (which they admitted the fans generally thought was a "failure" compared to the original) with a weapon wheel. That is a fact. Disagree with facts all you want. It doesn't change reality.

We see the gameplay. Are you blind? I can't judge it when we've all seen the gameplay? Scroll up and hit the Play button. It's that easy to get enough information to make a judgment on the gameplay. Can you dispute what I've said? No? Then explain how pointing out facts is trolling? Get off Hannah Montana. We're talking about a Mature game here. Get mature. Facts being stated by a long-time fan isn't trolling. Lies from someone who doesn't own a game in the franchise or own a PS3 would be trolling. Because you don't agree with a negative leaning comment on the gameplay in a topic entitled 'Resistance 3 Multiplayer Gameplay' does not make someone a troll. It's not off topic, it's not a lie. You can see the gameplay just as clearly as I can. You can't dispute anything I've said. Therefore, get off the witch hunt (or in this case, troll hunt) bandwagon and accept the facts. Don't make excuses like we need to play the whole game when we can already clearly see what the gameplay mechanics are like.

2844d ago
djreplay2844d ago

Why don't you go play FoM again EeJLP- if you don't like dev's changing games and trying to innovate.

In fact just stick to CoD as you would prefer 3 Resistance:FoM's than 3 different games.

Let's just have a rehash yeah because that's what your saying.

MaxXAttaxX2844d ago

Really dude?
Resistance had the Backlash Grenade a whole year before Halo 3 had the "bubble shield".

TheHater2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

I actually have to agree with both your statements. I really hope there is a bare-bone playlist that allow you to play without all these perks and killstreaks. Resistance was never about these killstreaks giving a helping hand to those "special" players that needed something extra to get a kill. That why I loved Resistance Fall of man so much. It actually depend on your ability to react and know the map layout (weapon spawns, etc).

Don't jump on EeJLP because you think he is trolling. Face it, he is right. Resistance 2 multiplayer was ruin because of killstreaks and perks.

Play last level of FROM for the Backlash Grenade (bubble shield)

That said, I hope I get into the beta and it proves to me that these new "features" will make for a better game than R2 and FROM.

captain-obvious2844d ago

looks nice but they need to add more audio to the game play
sounds dead

pixelsword2844d ago

Why do people keep on saying Resistance copied Halo when Halo copied Resistance? It's like the whole Gears/Kill.Switch thing all over again.

paintsville2844d ago

I'm not impressed. Hardly any transparencies, flat textures, square geometry environments, lack of realistic shadowing. Coming out after Killzone3 I would've expected more. Disappointed.

hay2844d ago

Dynamics and animations remind me of HalfLife. Sold.

cyborg69712844d ago

Paintville what video were you watching? Like it matters your a troll bugger off dbag. Ot looks good i remember rfom mp was sweet with the sniper battles on that aircraft carrier epic.

Commander_TK2844d ago

They need to fix the health system. Other than that, it's looks great.

syanara2844d ago

Out of all the things you are stating about the resistance 2 multi-player none of them are what the real problem was.

The sound effects are R2. (I didn't know that was a bad thing?)

The auger shields are still gigantic like R2.(again, never had I or anyone I know have a problem with that.)

Teleporting? (it was the dash ability and was simmilar to something seen in R1)

The carbine even has a shield now? Either that or it's a berserk or a killstreak reward for any weapon. (still don't see how that is a bad thing)

in the long run, none of those are really the problem R2 had.

The problem with Resistance 2, which I have mentioned this numerous times before on my Podcast, was that the maps we're too big for the game.

they had a close corners resistance gameplay style put into an overly huge area with even more people in the game.

This threw off the gameplay and degraded the multiplayer experience of R2.

This multiplayer gameplay of R3 seems to change that and that alone should be enough to add more balance to the game (I would still need to play the beta)

from what I have seen however nothing here seems too overpowered and everything seems to add a lot of variety to the gameplay and gameplay style of R3 multiplayer so I can't wait to see more of R3 at E3

Dee_912844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

now this is what I call gameplay
this is what I want to see from BF3 before I go googoo gaga over the graphics.
this looks very good

One thing i noticed that i dont like is how they move around
it looks like he is just gliding

EeJLP-2843d ago

There's no 'dash ability' / damn near teleporting in R:FoM (R1 as you say).

What are you talking about? There's walking and running in R:FoM, not a dash/teleport killstreak reward. There's no killstreak rewards period.

Plenty of people have a problem with the giant cowardly shields. Especially ones you can't grenade through as a counter-measure like you could in R:FoM (and where the shields were smaller and much more competitively acceptable).

You don't see a shield on the carbine as a bad thing? You're obviously not a competitive player. This stuff doesn't belong in 'Ranked'. You can have 'fun' in Custom with shields all you want, but they don't belong in Ranked. You're talking like a casual cowardly player if you need to hide behind a mobile shield.

You obviously don't know the franchise. Dash ability similar to something in R:FoM? Giant, impenetrable shields not an issue in regard to Competitive gameplay? Mobile shields not an issue in regards to Competitive gameplay? Invisibility (Cloaking) not an issue in regards to Competitive gameplay?

You're casual, that's fine, but don't talk like you know the effects of these elements on the Competitive aspect of the game.

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Rynx2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

Well I guess it makes sense in terms of story arc

FoM - The invasion with 40 player maps

R2 - The retaliation with 60 player maps

R3 - The survival with only 16 player maps

Edit: Disagree trolls are running rampant through this comment section

UnSelf2845d ago

excellent deduction Mr. Masters

Mc Fadge2845d ago

I think it's more about balance and being able to effectively design the levels for a certain number of players. When you get to numbers like 40 and 60, it becomes more difficult to balance player abilities and the level design.

BattleAxe2845d ago


Personally I thought that R2 did a great job with the 64 player matches and organizing them so the flow of the game worked well.



I agree with you, it makes perfect sense!
Im a huge Resis. fan. People dont know what their talking about. R2 multi was chaotic just like an invasion would be like, Chaotic! Now its actual resistance survival which brings it down to 16. Glad someoine said what Ive been thinking aswell

hesido2844d ago

You are forgetting: 40 / 60 player maps REQUIRE dedicated servers. 16 player maps can be done p2p. It may be Sony's decision to support the game with dedicated servers or not.

pixelsword2844d ago

Resistance 2 just needed more pockets of cover and proper objectivity to break-up bigger groups in certain situations; MAG pulls this of very well in 256 and 128 games.

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RBLAZE19882845d ago

The game looks awesome. Only thing that sucks is it comes out at the end of the year and not now.

Imalwaysright2844d ago

WTF? Insomniac youre no listening Resistance fans. We want the multiplayer like the 1st. Resistance 2 multiplayer was crap and its not improved graphics that will make me buy your game. Disappointing is the only thing i can say after watching this.

emekcrash2844d ago

From what I understood off of that, it seams like you think R1s MP looks better than this.


zeddy2844d ago

are those killstreaks i saw?

Kran2844d ago

for your pic, id have approved ;P

MazzingerZ2844d ago

I love Resistance and getting the game regardless but everytime they show stuff I just get so happy to see how great the game is looking! Insomiac rocks!

InFAMOUS12844d ago

bullet damage is a bit much... Like what? 15 bullets to kill one guy... Even a melee didn't take the one guy down... Either that or there are some latency issues early on, but my guess is the weapon damage needs a ton of work!

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TheDarkness2845d ago

Looks like killzone 2.5. No trolling tended.

one2thr2845d ago

Whoa!!!! The "back lash" grenade was already in Resistance: Fall of Man before it was to be, now known as a "bubble shield" in Halo sir

MaxXAttaxX2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

What, you've never seen shields or the backlash grenade before?
Resistance had it a whole year before Halo 3.

Gotta love it when trolls get self-owned.

TheMrMadzen2844d ago

Hehe, there is one problem with your comment:)
Resistance Fall of man had bubbleshields before Halo!

humbleopinion2844d ago

Guys, you're forgetting that Halo showed the bubble shield in the Starry night commercial, released at about the same time as Resistance. I guess both developers were prototyping it much earlier anyway (great minds think alike I guess). It's not that he made a comment that one copies the other - just that they show similar equipment.

Which is good IMO! It gives us some diversion from all the modern iron sight shooters.

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ULTIMATE_REVENGE2845d ago ShowReplies(6)
RatherHavaBigGirl2845d ago

looks better than kz3. actually looks fun

remanutd552845d ago

wow game is looking very good but why theres only 16 players online ? 8 vrs 8 ? i dont like that number , i was expecting at least 32 players online

saint_john_paul_ii2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

because they dont want to see a failure like what happened to Resistance 2 multiplayer, ever again.

this is called balance and aiming for quality multiplayer.

remanutd552845d ago

lol or they could just go back to Resistance Fall of Man greatness ( 40 players max ) 16 player ???? wth !!! count me disappointed , i will get the game but to play the story , i wasnt expecting this , i hope they somehow add 24 and 32 player maps in there

RememberThe3572845d ago

I think it's more about visuals than anything else. I'm assuming that they doped the player count so they could pump out those beautiful graphics we're seeing.

Axecution2845d ago

Yeah man. 40 players was a perfect number in R:FoM. I wonder if that game still has a community... i'll check it out later tonight. >.>

This is generally really bad news though. Hopefully they don't drop the dedicated servers for P2P. The fact that they dropped the co-op from R2 is really disappointing too.

That whole blog post was just a punch in the face for me. R:FoM forever.

rajman2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

Its 8 vs 8, was mentioned on the PS US blog...but yeh I like the sound of 16 vs 16 more, 64 was too much.

mugoldeneagle032845d ago

Maybe its just because I'm a SOCOM fanboy, but 8v8 works soooooooooooooo good if the gameplay/levels are built for it. SOCOM 2 wasn't amazing looking at all, but it's the ONLY game I've played online that gave me pure adrenaline rushes from map to map.

I get that bigger is better, but just because everything is "next gen" doesn't mean we have to have 32-64 players.

Not that I disagree, I totally thought it'd be at least 32 as well, but 16 COULD work if done right. And Insomniac is smarter than to just scale back a feature like this and not be able to deliver.

Can't wait until E3 to hear/see more!

morganfell2845d ago

Breach for me. There was something about running Sujo and Enowapi as Feral that just kicked so much ass.

remanutd552845d ago

lol i play socom too but Resistance isnt socom , they just need to stick with what has been successful to them , Resistance Fall of Man had a great online success on the system ,why changed that ? this is Resistance not Socom , the community isnt used to 8 vrs 8 player games , i want them to reconsider that decision and make 24 and 32 players maps , not lame 8 vrs 8 , anyways i cant wait to play the story !!!!

mugoldeneagle032845d ago

Obviously it isn't SOCOM, but that doesn't mean it cant be as good as S2 was.

Insomniac has said in earlier previews that Resistance 3 would be more of a final stance as opposed to the large war that R2 felt like. It would make sense to make it close ranged combat.

If anything I think that could make different classes way more interesting & easily bring a new aspect to the game.

Also, as a clan-orientated fan myself, management of both the clan and matches are a LOT easier with just trying to find a roster of 8, or 8 starters. Making it easier also makes it faster, so hopefully they have some good clan support as well.

I'm officially excited

NotoriousWarrior2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

Same it should be 16 v 16 at least. I hope they change it to 32 players otherwise the chaos from Resistance online will be gone.

Still looks greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

Hope fans of the series make the developer change their mind. I really want at least 32 players.

lol at trolls must be drolling over Infamous 2 and Resistance 3 info and there's still Socom 4 and other games news to come. Feel sorry for people that are on gaming sites yet still don't have PS3.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )


That was simply amazing. Those are multiplayer graphics? And yea it should be at least 24 players. I did kinda enjoy the 60 player mp too.

TheDarkness2845d ago

Have you heard of killzone 3? lol

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2845d ago

Yea. I beat it in one 7 hour sit down in fact. I love that game but Resistance>Killzone.

BiggCMan2845d ago

Yea I enjoy Resistance more than Killzone also, but the thing is, we get both so it doesn't matter which you like more.