All in how you say it (How Mass Effect lip-syncs in different languages)

Mass Effect will be released simultaneously in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German when it goes on sale worldwide in late November. Take 30,000 lines of spoken dialogue, multiply it by five languages and you have an animation team's worst nightmare.

Fortunately, the game's custom-built underlying software actually "listens" to each voice actor's recorded dialogue and shapes the on-screen character's mouth movements to sync up with what's being said, no matter what language they're speaking...

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tony4090d ago

that's amazing! great job bioware!

cow moolester4090d ago

Ashlee Simpson could use that software

socomnick4090d ago

lol too funny man bubbles

snoop_dizzle4090d ago

dude again i'm telling you you need an avatar becasue you have an awesome name.

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