IGN: The NGP in Action

Seeing as how GDC is all about developers, it makes sense that Sony's newest system -- the NGP -- is in the house. We've already brought you Uncharted Portable news from the official NGP panel, but that's just the tip of the NGP iceberg. Direct to Drive Community Manager Walter Lopez and me, IGN Vagabond Greg Miller, had our iPhone 4s in hand when we ran into the Next Generation Portable here at GDC, so take a look at some of our beauty shots.

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VINNIEPAZ2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Me and my girl both reserved one last week


"I really dont know why people are disagreeing with you. What you do with your money is your buisness."

Same reason I have one bubble, because this site has a lot of PS3 fanboys and I tend to call them out so the second they see my name its straight to the disagree button. Yes even if the comment is PRO Sony, that's how deep there hate goes. The funny part is I spend more $$ on Sony products than most of the fanboys here, but they think if you dont scream out "HAIL SONY" every day you are a loser.

My thinking is Id stay at ONE bubble for the rest of my days bashing faboys than to be a one sided simple minded drone to any ONE system any day.

Corepred42848d ago

Lucky. That thing has expensive written all over it! I better start saving up now. It looks like a quality product. Gonna be so mad when mine starts getting scratches! lol

Joni-Ice2848d ago

I really dont know why people are disagreeing with you. What you do with your money is your buisness.

Masterchef20072848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

You dont loose bubbles because of the disagree button. You loose them if people or gain them when enough people use the bubble button. Anyways i made a ton of posts and havent lost a bubble yet so i really think it depends on what you say.

Anyways my advice is to be careful with what you say on N4G.

But yes if you speak the truth and ppl bubble you down they can go the heck for it.

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badz1492848d ago

do we have a release date yet?

superadvanced2848d ago




ugabugaz2848d ago

Bizzaro world disagree!

StbI9902848d ago

Cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt stop looooooking at it

Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat...

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CobraKai2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

I want. I want. I WAHAHAHANT!!!!!!

Burning_Finger2848d ago

Looks Beautiful....Precious!!!

dc12848d ago

Gollum, gollum,..

On Topic:
Yes. Day One!

CaptainGreece2848d ago

Like a golden nougat of pure brilliance

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