Nvidia Beta Driver 267.24 Enables Bulletstorm 3D-Vision Support writes, "Beta driver 267.24 unlocks Bulletstorm 3D Vision support and adds future SLI support for Homefront; SLI Crysis 2 demo profile also released"

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WhiteNoise2843d ago

Even if it's just a slight change on the 266.58..this driver is still just as stable so why the hell not?

Bellcross2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Can't wait for my GTX 570 to come on Friday, it's gonna be sweet!

PirosThe4th2843d ago

I want one too!
But i cant believe that i still max out any game with my GTX260 on 1080p except for the dx11 features...

therapist2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

dude, the 590 drops the end of march, time to go get me a free exchange for my 2 470's

sweet sweet 590.....mmmmmmm

gotta love lifetime warranty actually bought from a brick and mortar store ten min from my house, I been steady exchanging cards for free since the

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