Go! Gaming Giant: Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation Review

From the review:

"This release is a pretty big deal for Dragon Quest fans in many countries because Realms of Revelation is the last game in the main Dragon Quest series to have been previously unreleased outside of Japan. It unfortunately came our way a month too late for elderly fan Edith Jeter, but at least the rest of us can rejoice in the moment that many us have awaited for 15 years. Sure, there have always ROMs with translations of varying quality, but there’s nothing quite like having a true official (and updated) copy literally in our hands. I, for one, am happy to finally be able to fill that bothersome little gap on my shelf."

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GL0pez2816d ago

I have to be careful playing DQ games I get addicted and before I know it weeks have passed!!

Murgatroyd72816d ago

That's exactly why I enjoy being able to play them on a handheld. I've done that for nearly every DQ game and it makes it so much easier to continue functioning normally throughout the day. Such a luxury wasn't available for DQ8 and I think I ended up losing five pounds. Heh.

ItsEvan2816d ago

Aww geez...that's sooo sad... Poor Edith. I hope she emulated that game.

Murgatroyd72816d ago

Me too. Some people were talking about placing a copy of the DS game on her grave, but I don't know if anyone ever did.

maskedaprentice2816d ago

For how good this sounds, I dont think I'd want to spare a copy.