G4TV: inFamous 2 User-Created Missions Preview

inFamous 2 is going to have user-created missions and Karl Deckard, Senior Designer for Sucker Punch, explain how creative you can get when making your own missions or remixing other missions.

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NukaCola2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

So you can have the Famous missions pop up right in game? Like maybe you can create a character to talk to to start the mission and Sucker Punch puts them in the SP. Is that what I am gathering from this?

THanks for clarification. AWESOME!

koehler832842d ago

InFamous is an open world. It's all 'SP' as you put it. And all the missions in the game show up in that world as icons that you navigate to to start the mission.

User-generated missions will show up in that same world as green icons, with filters set up by the player.

So yes.

CaptainMarvelQ82842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

a lot of Sony's games seem to contain user-generated stuff lately,which is really introduces new ideas and the game would have alot more re-playability(more than it has even without this feature)

i am applauding Sony and their devs for innovating and making the best games this generation,i just hope people would wake up and support them rather than buying COD!

Dart892842d ago

Yes so glad they are releasing it during the summer season cuz that's when game sales tend to get slow so this would give them more of a chance to sell more copies.

BoNeSaW232842d ago

This reveal is WAAAYYYYY BETTER than some crappy MultiPlayer tacked on. Pre-Order is on the Ole trusty credit card for the Hero Edition. Great Job Sucker Punch!