Video from Sony's NGP panel: Uncharted Portable, Little Deviants, and augmented dino-reality

Joystiq - Christopher Grant writes:

"In order to show developers precisely what NGP is capable of – and to break up the fifty plus slides used in the one hour presentation! – Sony shared three live demos of NGP software and we dutifully recorded them."

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trounbyfire2792d ago

video...thans for the submit

BattleAxe2791d ago

I hope we're not forced to use the touch pad controls for Uncharted, because the game plays perfectly on PS3 as it is.

MGRogue20172792d ago

I can't wait to get my hands on this beast!

RememberThe3572791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

OMG Sony is running Windows! Fanboy fight!

On topic: That is some cool ass tech. I want a dinosaur in my pocket!

MerkinMax2791d ago

Are you really that ignorant?

RememberThe3572791d ago

...You couldn't see the sarcasm in that? What about those two sentences seemed serious?

blackburn52791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

*wipes drool off mouth* I think I will be going to preorder this. *runs off to preorder this* BTW small question. Why does everyone assume NGP UC is going to be $hit because you use the touch controls? Everyone has been using the DS's touch screen for years, unnecessarily most of the time, and never heard any one say it was $hit. Why do you assume that this will be $hit then? Also that Trex augmented reality demo was awesome.

metsgaming2791d ago

you dont have to use the touchscreen its an option

NiKK_4192791d ago

plus it's a big capacitive screen, unlike the DS's squishy resistive screen, so you won't have to hold a pen in your hand while you play (hated that, it was uncomfortable)

jack_burt0n2791d ago

so psp killed syphon filter, damn it.

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