Examiner - Dead Space 2: Severed Review

Examiner: The new piece of Dead Space 2 DLC, Severed, takes players back to the Sprawl in the boots of Gabe Weller. Stationed as a security guard on the giant mining operation after he and Lexine Murdock survived the events of Dead Space: Extraction, Gabe must battle through hordes of Necromorphs to save Lexine, who is hiding from monsters and human soldiers alike in the Sprawl's medical wing.

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LostDjinn2847d ago

A perfect score?

I've got it. I've finished it. It's very short and if you use the foamy hand cannon it's a joke. Even on Zealot. One bag and any enemy dies.

At best it's a lead in for DS3. The one redeeming feature is the *** in ***** suits expansion to the DS story.

Hardly a 5 by anyones reckoning.
*looks at source*
Well now I see what's happened here.

clarkjudo2847d ago

I enjoyed the DLC but could not help getting an ear bleed with the over use of the f-bomb. It seemed to weaken the creativity of the story as though it was a filler for shock value. Furthermore, I think this franchise would get more sales and fan base. If they had a reduced graphic content filter option. Instead of having an on going sales pitch with videos of "Your Mom Will Hate Dead Space 2" before the games release.