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Submitted by Geostar 1802d ago | article

What iPad 2 means for gaming

Gamerstorm's Shaxster looks at the usage of the iPad 2 in gaming, highlighting key features that could make it a great gaming platform. (Apple, Casual games, iPad, Mobile, Tech)

CrazyForGames  +   1802d ago
absolutely nothing just like the first one
Agent VX  +   1802d ago
Actually, I hope the Ipad devours most of the casual gamers, so that Console and PC developers can get back to supporting the more mainstream and hardcore gamers.
silvacrest  +   1802d ago
if that happens they will just port those casual games to more platforms, including consoles

remember angry birds?
Blaster_Master  +   1802d ago
It means that your next cell phone might be the ps4. Im not kidding.
trounbyfire  +   1802d ago
chips are not even close yet even tegra 4 can't match PS3, 360

NGP is pretty much tegra 4 with a quad core processor and GPU and ps3 burns it by miles. phonees can hardly use lighting and AA. NGP does 4xMSAA and console lighting
Batzi  +   1802d ago
it means NOTHING, period.
Iroquois_Pliskin  +   1802d ago
Agreed, Mr. Kojima! NGP will best all handhelds
trounbyfire  +   1802d ago
it truly is and it can be used as 5 inch tablet as well. so with apps you can have any kind of word processor, video editor and with a real GPU its fast works like a true program
Optical_Matrix  +   1802d ago
Nothing. Just like the SKU before it. I know what I'll be buying on March 25th. And it ain't iPad2...begins with 3 and ends in DS.
MEGANE  +   1802d ago
ja ja.... nice1
Baka-akaB  +   1802d ago
Seriously i kinda like those ipad and phone devices , but it means nothing important , besides more advertised somewhat ok mini games like angry birds .

Sorry but my gaming standards are way higher than angry birds ...

I just obviously expect it to sell atrociously well , and the occasionnal "hey look at the power of my thingy , i can do home console graphics too" game that plays like crap .

I also expect another console franchise gettings butchered for it (Sonic 4 anyone ?)
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dredgewalker  +   1802d ago
Does it mean more casual games and shovelware?
Stealth20k  +   1802d ago
its funny how idiots look at specs alone and not games
Si-Fly  +   1802d ago
As usual all the kids who's pocket money doesn't stretch far enough leave their comments...
Masterchef2007  +   1802d ago
Being difficult to carry around. I wouldnt get an IPAD for games i would get either a 3DS or an NGP since dedicated gamming devices are much better for games than a giant PDA.
sway__z  +   1802d ago
Let's not forget the ipad works out more expensive in the long run compared to a dedicated console.

Don't you have to pony up like £30-45 per month just to own this tech on a subscription with a network provider? or you can buy it sim free for anything up to £600 and still must activate the tech with a provider pay and go/monthly.

...then you will find within your 24 month contract, and indeed 1 year of this tech's release the ipad3 gets announced and you're left with an obsolete product which you are still paying for!!

No, the ipad is not going to trouble NGP, 3DS at all.
silvacrest  +   1802d ago
there is a wifi only version as well but saying that, i would buy either
silvacrest  +   1802d ago
it doesn't mean much
their are already tablets that are just as powerful if not even more powerful then the ipad2, plus, not everyone wants to play on a giant touch screen
sway__z  +   1802d ago
I can see all the headlines now ...'Man gets robbed on the tube, ipad2 stolen' ...'Thief robs a woman in the street for her ipad2'.

I mean we cannot live in fear, but these devices are pure eye candy to the thieves in the street. Same can happen to 3DS/NGP/PSP yes, but at least those devices are more concealable. Just saying...
sashimi  +   1802d ago
Nothing. I don't and wouldn't buy a Giant iTouch with the intent to game on it.
Also where the games? And no i don't mean only old gen remakes and $1-$5 games. Also don't want to look through a crap ton of shovelware.
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Shaxster  +   1802d ago
I wrote this piece. Just to answer some of these comments, there are other games apart from Angry Birds on iOS. Infinity Blade, Modern Combat, Street Fighter, Call of Duty: Zombies, and many more. And as I said, I wouldn't buy it as a games device. It's the fact that it does more than just games.
jaizenmonillas  +   1801d ago
iFail 2 still doesn't have a flash player, that's kinda sad.

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