Wii Has Yet to Reach Limit, 3DS Will Perform Well, Says Nintendo

Nintendo Boss Satoru Iwata remains confident in the four-year old Wii console. With sales pushing 7 million a year in the US and ever better in Japan, the idea of a successor remains on the back burner.

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donniebaseball2818d ago

Sorry Mr. Iwata but Wii is more than past its limit at this point

CrazyForGames2818d ago

how so? if something is still selling a good amount ii don't see how its at its limit

Otheros002818d ago

He didn't mean sales wise. He mean that every dev have max out the wii and they wont gain anymore performance by optimizing.

CrazyForGames2818d ago

k but that has nothing to do with the article
the article is about sales not performance

Active Reload2818d ago

I like the Wii, but its overpriced. Unless Nintendo has a trick up their sleeves, I feel they're doing a disservice to gaming. The 360 is the same price and that should not be happening when the overall experience for both of those consoles does not lean in Nintendo's favor.

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Stealth20k2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Hes right all nintendo systems are number 1

And anyone who thinks apple will kill the 3ds is just idiotic and stupid. Its already outselling the ds at least in japan. And when it launches everywhere else it will there too

Masterchef20072818d ago

Of course the 3DS will sell a lot. They have a huge fanbase dying to buy any handheld that they release.

However this time around things will be a little different because of how similary priced the NGP and 3DS will be. Will be interesting to see how this all turns out.

maverick402818d ago

Wii has certainly reached it's limit. the last story was a good example of the graphics that can be obtained but alas it didnt even come to the west.

Agheil2818d ago

The ps2 reach the wii's limit

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