Arkham City: The Batmobile Is Out, But Who Knows About Robin

No Batmobile. No driving. This caped crusader hitches rides on the undercarriages of helicopters and can swoop down the channels of his city like a hang-glider with the need to chokehold a Joker thug standing at ground level.

We will get no Batmobile is this determinedly non-racing and — emphasis — single-player game. SIngle-player games aren't the kind of games that'd let one person be Batman and another be Robin. Nevertheless, I had that other question on my question list: Does Robin even exist in this Batman universe?

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Balt 2842d ago

I hate the vibe, the style and direction they took with Batman aa, and now this one. It's unappealing to me. I wish some developer out there would make an open world batman game based on the animated series of the 90's. That world would be exciting to explore. I just don't dig the new batman, in film or game.

Yes_22842d ago

Aren't the games based off the 80s-90s era Batman comics (e.g The Killing Joke) as opposed to the Nolan movies?

That's why I've been so against Harley's new design. It reeks of trying to appeal to Nolan's fans, rather than Harley's comic book / animated series fans.