TGH: Ys I & II Chronicles Review

TGH Writes: Ys I & II has been released on multiple different platforms in the past. TurboGrafx, PC, Playstation 2, Virtual Console, Nintendo DS, and now the PSP finally get a chance to experience this epic classic once more. Ys I & II Chronicles for the PSP is a remake with new graphical improvements, music, gameplay tweaks and more. Will Ys I & II Chronicles leave a great impression on the PSP platform or will it vanish like Ys? Find out in this review of this epic classic.

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ShadyDevil2817d ago

Great review, this game looks great on the PSP.

Xof2817d ago

Wait... Ys games are getting a PC release... in English?

Hot damn, I've been waiting years for this. Official site/amazon link, where?

CrescentFang2817d ago

Strange, why is the PC, DS, and PS2 tags there? Anyways the publisher XSEED has made a deal with Falcom to bring over Falcom's PSP games, which is now their system of choice for games atm. Ys Seven, Ys vs Sora no Kiseki and Zero no Kiseki were all PSP exclusives by Falcom (too bad for the PC fans)
XSEED has brought Ys Seven, Ys Oath in Felghana and Ys I & II Chronicles.
They plan to bring the whole Sora no Kiseki Trilogy (localized as Trails in the Sky) with FC coming this month :)

DeathsAmbition2817d ago

Sorry if its a little misleading

CrescentFang2817d ago

No worries I'm not angry or anything it's just a little strange. Glad to see more I & II Chronicles reviews (for some reason there is a lot of them submitted and approved compared to Oath and Seven on this site)
I think more people need to appreciate Falcom games (hell they're older than me and most gamers)
Though I would kind of see why those tags would make sense, Ys games have been on all of those systems.