PS3 320GB Move Bundle sales in top 10 amid $349 sale

Sales for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 3 Move 320GB Console Bundle ranked in the top 10 this week at Inc. amid a discount to $349.00 in a new sale.

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B-Real2062816d ago

If I had 350 to blow. I would pick this up. I'm wanting a slim ps3

Dante1122816d ago

Same here. I could use another ps3 in my living room (Still on my 60gb lol).

HardcoreGamer2816d ago

i would back up your ps3 and then migrate to a new slim. trust me its worth it. you get a brand spanking new ps3 warranty and its going to save you around the average of £20 a year on electricity alone. maybe more depening on how much you play, as ps3 phat uses more electricity, 33% more

Balt 2816d ago

Meh, ps3 needs a 199.99 sku. Until then it's an up hill battle.

cochise3132816d ago

I see a permenant price cut coming soon. Like I said, this is going to be an interesting year in hardware sales.

Samus HD2816d ago

Wii has only 512MB hardDisc and it's in top

NateCole2816d ago

What is the point of these articles. It serves no purpose at all.

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