gamrReview: GDC 2011 Hands-On: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

"So, let me be honest. I've played through Ocarina of Time, like, 10 times. Between the original release, Master Quest, and Virtual Console, I really didn't see a lot of reason to rebuy it for Nintendo's latest handheld, even with the upgraded graphics. I was actually pretty shocked to find how different the game felt on the 3DS, and it's not a purely aesthetic change."

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BeardedGamerShow2815d ago

Great to see it staying faithful to the original.

Kantor2815d ago

You didn't think there would be a reason to rebuy it? It's in 3D!

N4GAddict2815d ago

You rebuy it cause its Ocarina of Time

Spectator12815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Why am I commenting? I can't stand Zelda.

Ohhh, that's why... you guys are mean, can't a man have principles anymore?

At least it looks pretty.

naznatips2815d ago

You kinda have to suck as a human being to hate Zelda. >_>

Spectator12815d ago

Well I tried... I really tried :(

swirldude2815d ago

It's about time Ocarina of Time got a makeover.